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        Corsico / Italy

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        The Italian company Driade was founded in 1968 by the entrepreneur and art director Enrico Astori, the designer Antonia Astori, author of the Driade's achitectural image, and Adele Acerbi, in charge of the brand's image and communication. Over the years the company has built a reputation as an aesthetic laboratory, searching and defining beauty in living space.

        The Driade catalogue features refined furnishings and accessories both for indoor and outdoor. The common theme is the introduction of experimental and almost artistic traits into the process of industrial serial production. Such is achieved by constant research and, equally important, by leaving much room for creativity. Indeed, the company's projects and designs are based on the premise that eclecticism, blend of cultures, curiosity and an element of surprise are the essence of our age and, hence, of today's art of living.

        Driade: history of a brand

        Most companies today are known or remembered for one single success, one great moment. Not so with Driade. For the past 47 years master craftsman and creative minds contributed to the making of a brand that can be considered a true constant in an often volatile context. Long lasting liaisons with seminal Italian designers like Enzo Mari and Alessandro Mendini date back to the '70s. Today the list of Driade's creative collaborators reads like the “who is who” of international design: Philippe Starck, Oscar Tusquets, Tokujin Yoshioka, Borek Sipek, Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola, Fabio Novembre, to name only a few.

        The '80 saw Driade take an international turn toward a multiplication of languages and forms of expressions. One benchmark and a true design icon is the Costes easy chair which marked the beginning of the prosperous partnership between Philippe Starck and Driade.

        In 1994 opened its showroom in Milan's Via Manzoni, a huge space comprising rooms with dramatic frescos and galleries in the antique Palazzo Gallarati-Scotti. These complex and eclectic premises would host almost the complete Driade catalogue, blending furniture, kitchens and complements with objects of art and of everyday use. Only a year later the company surprised with an even more daring project: the DriadeStore Collection. Furnishings and items for everyday living from this collections were conceived specially for young people and offered a refined, streamlined and idealistic design at affordable prices. The successful story of the DriadeStore was confirmed by the Tokyo-Pop collection, the international debut of Tokujin Yoshioka, today considered one of the masters of contemporary design.

        For the MT3, a rocking chair from the MT collection designed by Ron Arad, Driade received the prestigious "Compasso d’Oro", already the third for the company after the ones received for Delfina chair (1979) and the Legato table (2001), both designed by Enzo Mari.

        In 2013 Driade became part of the ItalianCreationGroup, a holding company involved in increasing the growth of small and medium enterprises whose brands represent the essence of Italian creativity, and in August 2014 Sir David Chipperfield, one the most influential protagonists of contemporary architecture, was appointed new art director at Driade. This important step marks the new course of the company, as Chipperfield coordinates every creative aspect and, together with the management, is responsible for the definition and the development of corporate strategies. The brands new direction can be wittnessed and is now shown on an area of about 500 m2 on three levels and with a beautiful outdoor area, in Driade's latest showroom, which was inaugurated in 2015, right at the heart of Milan.

        Driade today

        Today Driade offers a unique range of furnishings, accessories and lighting. Its production is still based on particular attention to the characteristics of traditional craftsmanship. Skilfully combining this heredity with cutting edge technologies, Driade, a symbol of the best Italian living experience, is here to stay. Facing opportunities and challenges of a new era with an innovative spirit Driade is continuing on a path that has distinguished the brand from the beginning.

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        Furnish your home with pieces that made the history of Italian design, like the famous Nemo armchair by Fabio Novembre. Discover the Driade catalogue, browse our online store and choose your favourite piece of furniture! ... More ... less
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